Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Artworks inside Studios of the developed Sketchup Model

View inside Goodwin's "Elevated" Studio

View inside Piccinini's "Touching" Maze Studio

Detail of the 'knotted' texture applied to the Spiral Staircase. This dense texture not only furthers the "touch" of Piccinini's maze studio, but accentuates the winding movement of the stair via its centralizing visual effect.


The concept within the scene of Alice falling into the rabbit hole in the video above can be likened to Piccinini's underground studio. The 'hole' entrance generates a sense of the unknown, which is amplified as the visitor descends a winding spiral staircase in a claustrophobic tube. Thus, the 'hole' dramatically shifts the visitor's experience from the open exhibition space to Piccinini's hidden maze studio. Upon arrival, visitor's prepare themselves for the uncanny, thereby depicting Piccinini's artmaking practice.

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