Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Invention of Drawing

In developing a series of axonometric sketches based on intersecting prisms, I have primarily focused on achieving a distinctive component which is composed of not only additive forms, but also incorporating subtractive elements. In the interconnection of a pair of models, I have additionally explored the relationship between positive and negative components in seeking to find a balance between additive form and subtractive space. In the slide depicting ‘the invention of drawing’ based on the tracing of a projection, the relationship between absence and presence is emphasised. Furthermore, there is an emphasis drawn to the significance of shadow, and how something can be represented through its lack or absence. In my design component, I have tried to incorporate a balance of subtractive elements which complement and enhance additive elements and vice versa. Thus, this slide has interestingly conveyed the way cast shadows can be traced out to bring out the form of an object in its absence.

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