Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Draft Crysis Wars Environment

Initial drawing

The images below show my experimentations with various tools of the Cryis Sandbox editor, applying them in specific areas of my environment.

Experimentation with voxel objects to create caves
Use of an entity to create a flowing river stream.
Addition of clouds in the sky.
Application of grainy sandy texture to the entire terrain to add realism.
Application of a rocky texture to some areas of the terrain using layer painter.
Inserting water particles to create waterfalls,
Inserting a speedboat vehicle.
Inserting a moving entity to create a lift.

In a section of the video below, (at 5:35 onwards) Olafur Eliasson interestingly describes how waterfalls in valleys (in his case these are urban valleys) can help us understand space through the fourth dimension of time. I have tried to develop this idea in this experiment via the contrast between the large waterfall at the end of the river and the small waterfalls along the shore to emphasise the overall height and size of the valley.

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