Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Developed Crysis Wars Environment

Navigation Map:
The bridge is a golden ribbon which weaves between the space of the Yosemite Valley in two parts. One part of the fluid ribbon connects Helen Keller's space to an elevator which travels to the valley floor. It leads to a mysterious deep tunnel, which is an extension of the bridge. The stark change in surroundings from a vast open space to one of claustrophobia captures the abrupt change Keller had undergone when she suddenly became blind and deaf. The second part of the bridge connects Miranda Kerr's space from the other side of the valley to an elevator which travels to the valley floor. This free flowing part of the bridge can also function as a runway.

Helen Keller's space is inspired by the Japanese folded paper crane. During her lifetime, "Keller had made several trips to Japan and became a favourite amongst the Japanese people." The paper crane yields cultural symbolism and the story of the thousand folded paper cranes emphasises the hope Keller held onto throughout her lifetime. In Keller's space, the wings of the crane portray motion, conveying Keller's liveliness and spirit in voicing her views on countless social issues.

Miranda Kerr's glass elevator is situated on an isolated cliff. Before she wishes to travel to the lower valley floor, she can practice Zen meditation on the grounded transparent lift. At times, the transparent lift challenges Miranda Kerr's composure, yet at times it may elevate her mind, bringing her a sense of freedom and release from the pressures of society.

Helen Keller's elevator is located at the end of the bent tunnel. This open lift allows her to sense the change in surroundings as the chill of onshore winds and smells of rocks intensifies as she approaches nearer to the valley floor.

The 'dining table' is represented by the speedboat which takes Miranda Kerr and Helen Keller through the narrow interval within the valley. Even when the clients are having their lunch, they are interacting with the environment. The river leads to a massive waterfall, emphasizing nature's power and beauty.

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