Monday, May 10, 2010

"E-Shaped" prisms

From Top to Bottom: Constrained, Resistance, Balanced

Fixed, Striking, Prevailing

Sliced, Grounded, Projection

Clockwise: Blockade, Reliant, Focus, Dynamic

Ownership, Reinforced, Denial, Defiant
Cornered, Intense, Anchor, Extension

Below are two images which also depict the idea of pathways. These are also the two images I have chosen to depict beauty (as requested at the beginning of the semester).

This photo is taken of the Usyd graffiti tunnel, and the vibrancy of the graffiti makes it a unique space to walk through.

This photo is taken of the UNSW main walkway at night time, the lights and natural sunlight both add drama to the night setting.

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