Monday, May 10, 2010


What makes Helen Keller, Miranda Kerr and Angela Merkel inspirational for young women is the way in which they ground and center inner peace and inner beauty within their cultural lifestyle. Miranda Kerr is admired not only for her amazing looks but for her Zen living, as she is interested in meditation and positive affirmations. When Helen Keller voices for the enfranchisement of women, she pinpoints injustices made against women, I am indignant at the treatment of the brave, patient women of England. I am indignant when the women cloakmakers of Chicago are abused by the police. I am filled with anguish when I think of the degradation, the enslavement and the industrial tyranny which crush millions, and drag down women and helpless children.” Keller stands as a part of the vast movement to free all mankind. She argued in numerous places that women's rights were part of the larger issue of social justice for everyone. Like Keller, Angela Merkel voices out to remind people that the strength acquired in the 20th century to tear down a wall made of barbed wire and concrete (Berlin Wall), today we have the strength to overcome the walls of the 21st century, walls in our minds, walls of short-sighted self-interest, walls between the present and the future.

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