Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Space Between

The image above illuminates the co-existing relationship between the labs and the natural landform. Nicole Kuepper's Lab is represented by the red light whilst Stephen Hawking's Lab is represented by the blue light.

The image above expresses the natural landform that articulates a ramp connecting Stephen Hawking's Lab to the Open Meeting Space.

This view expresses a delicate balance between positive form and negative space through the dynamics of the interconnecting prisms. This is portrayed through the blending of colours emitted by lights which in turn signify a fusion and linkage of scientific thought processes.

The subtractive form is a key feature of Kuepper's lab as it opens a 'window' to her research studies in seeking ways of sourcing the sun's energy to provide sustainable power of the future.

This low angle perspective depicts the dominance of the structure as well as drawing attention to the striking texture. This highlights the power and passion of mankind who seek to "defy conditions of the universe."


  1. It's like something out of Star Wars. Bazaap. Bazaap. Pew pew pew pew. Weeowwww ch ch ch ch. PHHRRRRREEEOOORRRRR pew pew zap. "Luke I am your father."

  2. Thanks Marcus haha, i like your use of sound effects in describing my work.